Carlos Chahine

Carlos Chahine, Actor & Director

Jury President


Carlos Chahine

Carlos Chahine left Lebanon, where he was born, at the start of the war, in 1975. He graduated in dentistry, but never practiced.

He discovered drama at the Tania Balachova school where Véra Gregh encouraged him to become an actor.

After studying at TNS’s ENSAD in Strasbourg, he worked under the direction of Michel Vinaver, Matthias Langhoff, Sylviu Purcarete, Alain Françon, René Loyon, Stuart Seide, Philippe Van Kessel, Christian Rist, etc.

He rediscovered his motherland though cinema, when he played in three of Ghassan Salhab’s movies.

In 2008, he wrote, directed and played in La route du Nord, his first 25mn short film, that received several French and international awards.

He just finished his second film, Tchekhov à Beyrouth, a 50mn documentary.